• Build a network of businesses geared towards the common goal of prosperity, well-being, and growth of Muslim businesses in the US.


  • Build an infrastructure that empowers Muslim entrepreneurs to launch new businesses and solve business problems.
  • Build a network of professionals who are experts in various aspects of business – business planning, legal setup, market research, obtaining finance, understanding technology, sales, marketing, operations, taxes, real estate, etc.
  • Educate the community about the operational and financial aspects of a business.
  • Set up a the web infrastructure for exchanging ideas and information.
  • Meet once a month where we have a meet and greet session, a presentation, and Q&A.
  • Set up a platform for educating the community on various aspects of business.

Short Term Goals

  • In the next one year, form a group of existing entrepreneurs and have a 3 line bio of what they can contribute to the club.
  • Organize a two hour meeting on the last Sunday of every month to discuss a business topic of interest for the community.
  • Facilitate consultations with emerging entrepreneurs to help them succeed in their missions.

Operating Rules

  • No sales pitch of any products or services to be allowed by any professionals to the community.
  • Members to keep all personal information strictly confidential. Absolutely no exceptions.
  • Members to exhibit civility and maturity at all times.
  • Members are in the forum to learn a little, teach a little, and share a little.
  • If posting or saying something will not help anyone, it is better to not be posted or said. Use your best judgment.